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ESSENTIAL Robot Products is the representative in North America for Robot System Products, AB (RSP).  Robot System Products is a leading global provider of high-performance industrial robot accessories, offering state-of-the-art tool changers, swivels (rotary unions), hose packages, valve units, and comprehensive packages to dress robots for various applications. With over 20 years of experience, they continuously improve robot flexibility.


For over 30 years, GRIP GmbH has been a leader in providing high quality End-of-Arm Tooling solutions for industrial robots and automation. Their products range from Manual Tool Changers and Fixture Coupling Mechanisms to Cobot Base Mounts, Specialty Grippers, and the cutting-edge Auto Connector technology. Get your GRIP on!


Established in 1999, Flexfactory Ag. has perfected programmable bulk small parts feeders. Their anyfeed™ systems offer reliability and versatility, with a wide range of flex-feeder sizes for parts from 1 to 120 mm. Advantages include push-button quick changeovers, automatic part emptying, minimal footprint, gentle handling, and standardized communications.

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Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions takes pride in producing guards made in the USA from domestically sourced steel. With the founder's extensive 25 years of experience, they provide comprehensive safety solutions. Their preassembled posts, panels, and doors come equipped with various features such as wired interlocks, push-button clusters, light curtains, custom panels, and more, streamlining the installation process and saving valuable time. Simplify safety with AMGS-Safety Made Simple!


Established in 1942, SMW-Autoblok, s.p.a, and SMW Electronics, GmbH, are global leaders
in mechatronics and inductive couplings. With 1,000+ employees across 60+ countries,
they blend mechanical and electronic expertise to serve industrial automation, automotive, aerospace, and medical manufacturing with cutting-edge solutions. Committed to innovation, they redefine high-tech manufacturing worldwide.


Established in 1963, OMiL specializes in manufacturing cost-effective grippers and work-holding products for automation and robotics. Their diverse range caters to industries like machine tools, assembly, and electromechanical sectors. OMiL offers long-stroke, small, and specialty gripping systems, along with clamping solutions in hydraulic or pneumatic options to meet specialized needs.


Soft-Gripping, GmbH specializes in flexible EOAT gripping solutions for high-speed handling of delicate and varying shaped objects, ideal for logistics and food automation industries. Their lightweight,IP69K wash down, and FDA compliant actuators are well-suited for Bakery, Protein, and Produce food processing segments.


Safety System Products, GmbH, established in 2013 by Johann Aulila, is a globally recognized leader in pioneering safety technology. With a proven track record, SSP has garnered the

confidence of more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Explore their range of TUV-certified

safety solutions, such as Safety Simplifier wireless machine safety, HoldX magnetic process

locks, and ZEUS enabling switches, to advance your Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Glide-Line offers the assembly automation industry a highly versatile multi-strand panel or pallet configuration tool, IMPACT, allows customers to customize Glide-Line products and receive a 3D model and pricing instantly. Through their digital manufacturing process, customized configurations are built quickly and effciently, ensuring projects meet tight

deadlines. Fast, flexible, and easy!


For more than 60 years, JOULIN has been at the forefront of vacuum handling innovation, providing standard grippers and custom plug-and-play EOAT solutions. Regardless of industry or task, they specialize in solutions for handling complete layers, partial layers, or single parts tailored to any application. Trust JOULIN to be your expert in vacuum gripping.


REIKU has been a global leader in hi-tech cable protection systems for 40+ years.

Their robotic cable management solutions significantly reduce or eliminate the costs

of production downtime and eventual replacement of failed cables and hoses. Working closely with premier manufacturers, REIKU develops first-rate, customer-oriented system solutions.

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Established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Robot System Products AB, RS TEKNIK has emerged
as the premier supplier of Robotic Dress and Hose Packages in China. With an extensive selection of complete J1-J3 & J3-J6 packages available for ABB, FANUC, KUKA, and other leading robot manufacturers, RS Teknik delivers durable and cost-effective robot dress solutions.


Established in 1963 in Germany, Murrplastik has become a global innovator in cable

management systems and robotic dress packs. The company's high-tech solutions

enhance automation performance, reduce costs, and increase the value of clients'

machines and plants. With a global presence, Murrplastik offers efficient and reliable solutions that enhance project reliability in terms of quality, safety, cost-effectiveness,
and flexibility.

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